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Our Story


The name “Teahouse Nicoca” comes from the word “Nicogusa”, or Japanese grass, in a song by the ancient poet Otomo no Yakamochi, who was sent as a government official to Takaoka in the Nara period and composed many songs in the area. The kanji for the name contains 和 wa, meaning gentle and calming, and calls to mind Japanese architecture and cuisine. Our building formerly housed tea ceremonies and incense ceremonies as well, and the second character of Nicoca is 香, or fragrance, which is also an essential component of Japanese cuisine.


Opening our restaurant in Kanayamachi, the cultural center of Takaoka where old traditions still thrive, our name means “Japanese fragrance”. Takaoka is my hometown, and the culinary traditions of Takaoka nurtured my palate: fresh vegetables hand-grown with care by local farmers, delicious rice, and world-class fish from Toyama Bay.  With local dishes made with quality, seasonal ingredients, you can relax your heart and mind. Imagining every day what will make my customers happy, I am always thinking of new dishes to suit Nicoca.

Hayato Hayakawa


About the Shop

Founded in 1609 by Maeda Toshinaga, Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture has over 400 years of history. Nicoca is nestled in Kanayamachi, a traditional district which is known as the town of craftsmen and the birthplace of Takaoka Copperware, and is designated as a traditional building preservation area. Still retaining many of its Edo-period buildings, the cobbled streets are lined with traditional townhomes faced with delicate senbon-goushi latticework. Every June, the Goinsai Festival is still held to honor Maeda Toshinaga as the patron of the district, and people actively look to the future while working to preserve the local traditions. Nicoca is housed in a renovated late-Edo period townhome on a cobblestone street. Light shines softly through skylights and front windows, illuminating the impressive and spacious atrium with its large wooden beams. We hope you can enjoy delicious cuisine with a uniquely Takaoka flavor, while learning about the history and culture of the area.

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【Closed Sundays ,public holidays and Mondays Lunch】
6 counter seats 8 table seats
Please call for reervation in Japanese.
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